Using Cyberhorse Catalogues retail outlets servicing the horse industry can provide a unique product which will not only help your clients to sell their horses but also provide promotion to your business.

In addition to the in store notice board where your clients can post flyers promoting their horses for sale, a retail outlet can offer ads in a regular online mini-catalogue published through Cyberhorse Catalogues.

The main difference between a Cyberhorse Catalogue and a Cyberhorse Store Catalogue is that the sponsor for a Store Catalogue is the retail outlet itself, the sub-sponsors can be the store or product providers to the store and the horse listings are sourced from the store's retail clients.

What is in a Cyberhorse Store Catalogue?

Each Cyberhorse Store Catalogue is targeted primarily to store clients and consists of :-

  • A store promotion page (front cover)
  • 10 horse promotion pages (inside pages)
  • 2 sub-sponsor pages (inside front cover, back page)

Every page is a fully interactive web page which can embed photos, videos and documents and allows links to external pages.

Think of the Catalogue as being a mini-magazine aimed at store clients. Such a Catalogue is usually produced and distributed by the store every month.

Catalogues can also be produced on a once off basis for a specific client such as a stud or for products such as clothing or saddlery.

What are Cyberhorse Catalogue Competitions?

A unique feature of Cyberhorse Store Catalogues is that each one is promoted by a competition with valuable prizes provided by the store owner and its product suppliers keen to supply products and services to promote their business.

Cyberhorse Catalogue Competitions reward the viewer by giving them additional entries in the competition by completing a number of tasks.

Advertisers have a wide choice about which tasks they want competition entrants to perform. Sponsors and sub-sponsors get extra entry points awarded to their tasks which will encourage entrants to perform them. The tasks you can ask them to do are :-

  • Visit your web page and answer a question about something on the page.
  • Go to your Catalogue listing and answer a question to prove they have read it.
  • Go to your Facebook, Linked In or Instagram page and optionally to like it or answer a question about it.
  • View a video on Youtube or Vimeo.
  • Enrol in a mailing list to receive your newsletter.
  • Purchase something from your site or sign up for a subscription.

By doing these tasks to improve their chances of winning the competition prizes not only do you have proof that the viewer has actually read your advertisement but also that they have learned something about what you have to offer.

While they are performing these tasks each viewer can follow links and make contact with you directly without Cyberhorse acting as a gatekeeper. All interaction between you and your prospective client is done directly - our sole aim is to deliver you qualified sales leads.

How Will Horse Lovers Find the Cyberhorse Store Catalogue?

There are several different ways to access any given Cyberhorse Catalogue. It is possible to link to the entire Catalogue or for viewers to be directed to an individual page within the Catalogue.

This means that if Cyberhorse is doing the promotion we would link to the Catalogue where an advertiser might link to their specific Catalogue page. Such links might be found :-

  • Directly on the Cyberhorse web site
  • Linking from an email sent by Cyberhorse to our email list
  • Linking from an email sent by an advertiser to their mailing list
  • Posting the link on the advertisers web site or Facebook page
  • Viewers sharing the link via social media
  • Making an entry to win a prize in a Cyberhorse competition
  • Following a link from a search engine

Who Can Produce My Cyberhorse Catalogue Entry?

Because Cyberhorse Catalogues are produced as a mini-magazine we need to control the content and presentation of each Catalogue page. This requires professional production standards regarding photos, videos and graphics.

Cyberhorse has agency agreements with professional photographers and graphic designers around the country who are able to prepare your Catalogue entry to meet our high standards.

Individual advertisers should register as a Cyberhorse user and send us the details of what they want to promote. Upon submission we will allocate your enquiry to the most suitable Associate who will then be in contact with you.

Contact Us WIth Your Requirements